About Abilis Systems

Abilis Systems, a Kudelski Group Company, is dedicated to developing products and services to support consumer electronics manufacturers requiring the best technology solutions for mobile and digital TV.

Company experience

Case study - a complete branding exercise prior to major trade show

Techspark took the brief from a client, Abilis Systems, to create a whole new web site and supporting collateral and posters for a major trade show, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, just three months before the show was due to commence.

We immediately put a team of three on the project to create the new branding, update the logo, create new product briefs and brochure, and create new posters. 

We tested and launched the new web site ahead of the Mobile World Congress, and delivered all files required by parent company, the Kudelski Group, to ensure they could print the posters in time for the show.

The development of this demo site was lead by TechSpark, working with the client's product team based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Click here to visit the live web site.

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