About the product demo

We suggested a very simple graphic demonstration of some key features of the chip, and we also added an interactive game at the end of the demo.

Company experience

Case study - new chip flash demonstration

We worked with a client on a new product launch and as part of the product launch, the client needed to create a 'product demo' to show the capabilities of the chip. TechSpark took the brief and proposed creating a Flash demo on the web site, and also creating an autorun CD. 

The development of this demo site was lead by TechSpark, working with the client's product group based in two different locations (the UK and Germany).

Click here to view a sample of this Flash demo.

Vegas chip product demo

At the end of the demo, we also included an interactive game produced especially for this project by our web developers. In addition, we created a complete version of the presentation on CD with autorun file so that the client could use if on CD and memory stick.