Show what you do better with online video

Video shooting & production

For marketing, demos, training. View our YouTube video channel to see samples of our videographer's work.

The spark for businesses..

for start-ups, emerging companies, established organizations, publishers..

  • Create greater product awareness
  • Raise company/ executive profiles
  • Communicate to customers, partners and investors
  • Generate sales leads cost-effectively
  • Launch new magazines, newsletters
  • New branding for start-ups

we'll help you deliver results cost-effectively, based on your objectives

Translating business ideas to market reality - helping build value

TechSpark offers specialist expertise in helping build the value of both start-up companies as well as established companies and organizations - through corporate marketing, marketing communications, branding, business development and investor relations activities. Whatever your need, we'll work closely with your team to develop ideas and turn these into reality.

We're good at translating the thoughts of busy senior management into practical steps that can improve the bottom line.  From CEOs who want to articulate their plans to investors, shareholders, media and analysts; start-ups who simply want to get noticed and start building leads and awareness; to publishers who want to launch new magazines or events, we have the experience to know how to get their ideas to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Our background and areas of expertise include both private and public sector technology markets as well as higher education and public sector:

  • High-tech, electronics, semiconductors, wireless, industrial and automotive markets
  • Entrepreneurship, start-ups, venture capital and investor markets
  • Higher education sector, and online learning platforms
  • Publishing B2B magazines both online and print

Result-orientated marketing strategy, communications and business development

One of TechSpark’s most successful areas of activity is in developing and implementing a result-orientated strategy for marketing, communications and business development. We help address questions like:

  • How do I take the first steps to getting my business noticed?
  • How do I create greater awareness for my company or product?
  • How do I build a good profile within my target markets or audiences?
  • How do I present information to my target audience - customer, partner or investor?
  • How do I generate sales leads?

Why TechSpark can deliver what you need

Our established industry experience and worldwide network, plus start-up background - helps build your business, brand or identity. All senior individuals and partners working with TechSpark have significant experience in business start-ups and established organizations, in business development, corporate communications, marketing, public relations, publishing, journalism and related fields.